‏Al-Halboosi receives tribal sheikhs of southern Baghdad

‏The Parliament’s Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, on Wednesday received a number of tribal sheikhs of southern Baghdad.
‏During the meeting, His Excellency the Speaker listened to a number of issues, problems and demands of the people of southern Baghdad regions, including those related to the service side, infrastructure, and the need to rebuild these areas that suffer from a lack of services.
‏The delegation discussed the issue of supporting peasants and farmers, where H.E. stressed that the House of Representatives worked to support this important segment through the budget by obliging the government and the Ministry of Finance to pay farmers’ previous dues before disbursing any dues and any other spending in all state institutions.
‏There was also an exchange of views on the upcoming early elections, and H.E. stressed the necessity of broad participation in the elections and the selection of representatives who express the reality of these regions and the aspirations of their people.
‏Media Office
‏Of the 90Parl. Speaker
‏Feb 17, 2021