Al-Haddad stresses the importance of creating the appropriate environment and providing logistical and administrative issues and the financial budget in preparation for the next parliamentary elections.  


The Presidium of the Iraqi Council of Representatives met this evening, Monday 8/24/2020, in the presence of President Muhammad al-Halbousi, Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir Khalil al-Haddad, Head of the Legal Committee, MP Rebwar Hadi, with the President and members of the Independent Electoral Commission, the Higher Security Committee and a representative of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, During the expanded meeting, a number of issues, files and topics related to the next elections were discussed, in addition to the administrative and technical preparations by the Commission, as well as discussion of work mechanisms and ways to overcome the obstacles and problems facing their work.

In the context of his speech inside the meeting, Al-Haddad stressed the importance of creating the enviroment atmosphere and providing all logistical and administrative issues, the financial budget and other requirements in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections, His Eminence indicated the need for continued the joint cooperation and coordination between the Electoral Commission, the United Nations Mission and civil organizations and Encouraging voters to get a democratic experience and the success of the political process in a way that secures stability and paves the way for the Iraqi voter to choose their representatives voluntarily through the ballot box.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of representatives
August 24, 2020