Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr. Basheer Al-Haddad mourns the Turkmen national figure and former deputy (Hassan Ozmen).  


Condolence text: ((With great sadness and sorrow, with patient and believing hearts, we received the news of the death of the well-known political national figure on the Iraqi scene. Al-Turkmani and the former Member of Parliament (Hassan Ozman Al-Bayati) following an acute heart attack, On this dire occasion and great loss, we condole the Iraqi Turkmen brothers and politicians and present our sincere condolences and sympathy to his generous family and relatives, We pray to the Almighty to bless the deceased with the breadth of his mercy and to dwell in his spaciousness and inspire everyone all patience and solace.
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return )) …

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament
Thursday 6 August 2020