Al-Halboosi receives the Assistant of US Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs


The Parliament’s Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, on Tuesday received the Assistant of US Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Mr. David Schenker, in the presence of the American Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller.

During the meeting, they discussed relations between the two countries, continuous cooperation to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, defeating the remnants of ISIS, and achieve stability.

The meeting also discussed developments in the political situation in the country and the importance of forming a strong government with a clear vision capable of meeting the aspirations of the Iraqi people, and emphasizing the need to protect peaceful demonstrators demanding reform.

For his part, the Assistant of US Secretary of State affirmed his country’s strong partnership with Iraq in a manner that preserves its sovereignty and continued cooperation to achieve the common goal of defeating extremist terrorist organizations such as ISIS, expressing US respect for the important and permanent role that the religious refrence plays in Iraq.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Feb 19, 2020