Joint Statement

The Parliament’s Speaker and President of the Iraqi Forces Coalition, Mohammed al-Halboosi, accompanied by a number of coalition’s representatives, met on Sunday the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mr. Masoud Barzani.

The meeting discussed the dimensions of the current situation and the political crisis that Iraq is going through, including the formation of the government. In light of this meeting the two parties agreed on the following points:
1. Working with all political forces to break the current impasse, and to contribute to restoring stability in Baghdad and the provinces of southern Iraq.
2. Any incoming government should represent all components of Iraq, and on the basis of national partnership.
3. The government program must include a clear vision in preparing for the early elections as soon as possible in order to meet the demands of the demonstrators, and this issue should be a priority for the next government.
4. The government program must include a clear plan to restore prestige to state institutions, maintain societal peace, end external interference, confine arms to the state, and end unofficial military appearances.
5. Continued cooperation with the international coalition to assist Iraq to counter the threat of terrorism and eliminate the remnants of ISIS.
6. Work to maintain close communication in order to coordinate positions between the two parties and the rest of the partners.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Feb 16, 2020