Joint Statement

The Parliament’s Speaker and President of the Iraqi Forces Coalition, accompanied by a delegation of the coalition’s representatives, met on Sunday Mr. Lahore Genki the leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

The two sides have examined the conditions that Iraq is going through, and the file of forming the government, as their views coincided that the current problem needs the concerted efforts of all to cross to the stage of political, security and economic stability, and that a country like Iraq is proud of its diversity of its societies, which cannot be managed except with sincere and serious cooperation from all sides.

It was agreed to continue consultations between the two parties and with the rest of the other political blocs, with the aim of reaching understandings that would ensure a strong government, with a clear vision to manage the affairs of the country and shoulder responsibilities, in order to implement the aspirations of all components of the Iraqi people, including the demonstrators.

The two parties affirm the necessity that the program of the next government include the priorities of citizens in decent living and social justice for all people, immediate action on the return of the displaced, reconstruction of liberated cities, restoration of the state and its official institutions, and the need to continue efforts to fight ISIS and pursue its remnants by the heroic military and security forces, with the importance of benefiting from the experiences, information and assistance provided by the international coalition forces in this aspect to ensure the elimination of this extremist ideology, and not to return it again.

Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Feb 16, 2020