‏Press Statement


‏The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi on Monday, called the political forces to cooperate on the file of forming the government and expedite the selection of a PM candidate that corresponds to the aspirations of the Iraqi people, noting that choosing a strong new government backed by political forces, but to set a clear strategic vision to implement the reform steps and be able to meet the demands, comes as an important step to solve the current crisis in the country.

‏H.E. continued, “There are still young people in the demonstration arenas demanding reform, and they must be listened to and responded to their right demands after unifying them and deal with them wisely, they are our sons, and the state has a duty to provide a free and dignified life for all of the Iraqi people.”

‏He added, “Attacking public and private property, blocking roads, and disrupting jobs has bad effects to the public interest and offends peaceful demonstrators and their goals to achieve reform, and our young people must remove vandals from their ranks and maintain the peaceful demonstrations.”

‏The Parliament Speaker condemned the continued bloodshed among the demonstrators, the security forces, and the repeated attacks, without revealing their reasons and the parties behind them.

‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Jan 27, 2020