The Parliament Presidency held a meeting on Saturday to discuss the latest developments in the country, and discussed the following:

■ Immediately implement the decisions of the Parliament and the Ministers Council, and ask the Republic Presidency and the government to send urgent important bills, which include real remedies to the demands of the demonstrators.

■ Take exceptional measures by the Supreme Judicial Council and the executive bodies to prosecute corrupt individuals who have harmed public funds and state institutions.

■ Proceeding with interrogations of certain officials who have been subjected to questioning requests to the Presidency of the Parliament, and setting dates for them once the formal and substantive requirements have been completed, as stipulated by the Constitution in Article 61 / VII and the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament.

■ Suspension of the work of the provincial, district, townships, and municipal councils in accordance with the provisions of Article (4) of the Law of Governorates Not Organized in Region No. (21) for the year 2008 the amended, in application submitted by the Legal Committee together with the signatures of more than one third of the MPs, and pursuant to Article (20) of the law of governorates that are not organized in a region, provided that it is in accordance with the legal procedures for that.

■ Demanding the Commander-in-Chief to identify places of demonstration, and that the security authorities bear full responsibility for the protection of peaceful demonstrators and the protection of public and private property, the need to distinguish between the demonstrator who has the rightful and legitimate demands to be implemented and those who are fishing in trubid water who seek to spread chaos and burning of state institutions and encroachment on public and private property, and the security authorities should deal firmly with those who tamper with the security of citizens, and take measures against those who do not belong to the demonstrators and their legitimate demands in accordance with what has been determined by the Supreme Judicial Council.

The Parliament Presidency confirmed the continuation of the Parliament to follow up achieving the demands of the demonstrators, the application of real measures that touch the needs of citizens in accordance with a specific time limit and proceed with the legislation and reform measures that will arrive from the Republic Presidency and the government.

Parliament Presidency
Oct 26, 2019