Al-Haddad gives Dr. Aseel Ahmed Shield of Parliament in appreciation of her human position in rescuing group of children

Deputy Speaker Dr. Bashir al-Haddad received on Tuesday at his office in Baghdad Dr. (Aseel Ahmed) from the Kadhimiya Teaching Hospital who rescued a group of preterm children in an unfortunate fire incident. The meeting was attended by a number of MPs and Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Health and Environment MP Fares Al-Breifkani.
Al-Haddad highly appreciated the humanitarian position and the sacrifice of Dr. Aseel to save 19 children in the fire incident that broke out in the hospital of Kadhimiya, giving her in the name of the Presidency of the parliament and the MPs, Shield of Parliament in an expression of honor for her efforts, and promised to visit the hospital and to meet the medical and administrative staff who have helped and contributed to the rescue effort.
Dr. Aseel expressed her happiness at the meeting and thanked the Deputy Speaker and the Council of Representatives for honoring her and granting her the parliament’s shield. She confirmed that what she did was humanitarian duty and considered the honor a motive to keep up to saving human lives.
Deputy Speaker Media Office