Al-Halboosi heads the meeting of the Finance Committee

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi headed, on Tuesday, the meeting of the Finance Committee to discuss the paragraphs of the federal general budget for the year 2019.

The meeting discussed increasing public revenues, investment allocations, and the financial allocations for the health and education file, as well as the education sector and services such as water, electricity and infrastructure projects.

The meeting stressed the rejection of the principle of external borrowing to address the budget deficit, and the need to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed through the launch of investment allocations and the development of regions, as well as addressing the file of contracts and daily workers in state institutions.

The insurance of salaries and current expenditures for all provinces of Iraq, including the provinces of the Kurdistan region were also discussed.

Al-Halboosi stressed during the meeting the importance of accelerating the adoption of the budget, warning at the same time of the consequences of delaying its adoption; because of its negative consequences will be reflected on the lives of citizens, indicating that there are ongoing meetings to resolve the problems in some paragraphs of the budget and its provisions, and that the parliament and the relevant authorities will work to address them.

Media Office
Of the Parliament Speaker
Jan 15, 2019