Al-Kaabi: Iraqi writers Union is Iraq’s cultural mirror to the world

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hasan Karim al-Kaabi described the activities of the Iraqi writers Union in the international forums as a mirror of the development of the Iraqi culture, which was and continues to provide Arab and international culture with various types of literary arts. Al-Kaabi remarked that he would pay a visit in the coming days to the Union to see his local and foreign activities and the most important needs.
This came during a meeting in his office on Tuesday December 18, 2018, Member of the Iraqi writers Union and the Secretary of Arab Affairs in the Union Dr. Aref Saadi, in the presence of the member of the Parliamentary Committee of Culture MP Wajih Abbas.
Al-Kaabi confirmed Iraqi parliament’s support to the Iraqi writers Union and all unions and organizations that deal with literature, writing, arts and poetry and any activities related to Iraqi culture. ”
For his part, al-Saadi explained that “the Union has carried out many literary activities, most recently in the literary festival in Beirut, where we hosted the Iraqi-Syrian cultural week in Baghdad, followed by the Iraqi-Omani cultural week.”
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office