The Speaker congratulates the Yazidis

and visits Lalish Temple to participate in the celebration of the Fasting Day

Al-Halboosi: “Celebrating the Yazidis’ feasts is one of the pillars of the Iraqi religious and social heritage and they are an integral part of this heritage”.

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi visited, on Friday, the Lalish Temple in the Sheikhan district to participate the Yazidis on the occasion of the Fasting Day.

His Excellency congratulated the Yezidis in Iraq and the world on the occasion of the Fasting Day, affirming that this year is different on all levels as it coincided with the first anniversary of the victory over terrorism and the international community and its humanitarian and cultural institutions stand by granting the daughter of Iraqi Yezidis Nadia Murad the Nobel Peace Prize .

“The pain and sorrow fills our souls with all those who have been victims of the heinous terrorist crimes committed against our Yazidis as a result of the oppression of extremism,” al-Halboosi said, adding: “I wish freedom to the remaining hostages, kidnapped, absentees and patience and compassion for the victims’ families”.

“Islam is innocent of all attempts of Da’ish, it is the religion of love, tolerance, brotherhood and coexistence, which embraced us, Muslims and Yazidis for hundreds of years.” Al-Halboosi explained.

“We cherish our Yazidi people as honest citizens and equal partners in the homeland,” he said, stressing that the parliament and the government are required to work to pass legislation on these segments and define them and their historical and legal entitlements to enjoy with the rest of the components the good and prosperity in their cities and return home safely.

The visit included the meeting of the Deputy Amir of the Yezidis in Iraq and the world Hazem Tahseen Bey at the Palace of the Emirate to congratulate him on Eid.
Media Office
Of the Parliament Speaker
Dec 14, 2018