Al-Halbusi: Iraq engaged in a war on the behalf of the whole world

The Speaker Mohammad al-Halbusi said on Tuesday that Iraq is seeking in its legislation and legal systems to involve its neighbors and the world as a whole in investing its natural resources and contributing directly to all sectors.
Speaking at the third meeting of heads of Eurasian parliaments in Turkey, al-Halbusi said that Iraq has all the elements of a comprehensive economic renaissance, supported by enormous resources that can be invested in the interest of Iraqis.
Halbusi pointed out that Iraq has long suffered from the effects of war and its negative consequences on the environment, which played a key role in the pollution of its water resources, agricultural land and fisheries, contributing to serious diseases. He called on the participating countries to help Iraq get rid of the effects of environmental pollution problems that have reached serious levels, requiring considerable support at the level of governments and relevant international organizations.
He pointed to the importance of sustainable development in renewable energy sources, adding that this is at the heart of Iraq’s concerns, as the country seeks to take a series of measures to reduce pollution causing global warming.
Al-Halbusi said that Iraq has fought a war against terrorism in which Iraqi youth have paid the price of blood on behalf of the whole world, indicating that Iraq hopes to see people understand the magnitude of these sacrifices.
The Speaker Media Office