Al-Kaabi: Amending rule of procedures of the COR will strengthen its supervisory and legislative roles.


The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hassan Karim said that the Parliamentary Committee that is formed to revise the rule of procedures of the COR will begin its work starting from the day of voting on the members. The committee should finish its work within a period of fifteen days.

Al-Kaabi noted that the amendment of the existing rule of procedures would strengthen the legislative and supervisory role of the MP and activate his presence in the sessions and meetings.

This came during the chairmanship of the First Deputy Speaker a meeting of heads of parliamentary blocs, to discuss the appropriate mechanisms and proposals concerning the revision of the rules of procedure of the Council of Representatives.

He added that the rules of procedure of the Council of Representatives is the strength of the legislative institution and there is a need to add and amend some of the paragraphs contained in it to contribute to the development and revitalization of the performance of the legislative institution, stressing the need to activate the Parliamentary Code of Conduct.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office