First Deputy Speaker discusses the water problem and calls for “practical and quick” solutions to end the crisis in Basra

September 25, 2018
The First Deputy Speaker met on Wednesday September 25, 2018 the Minister of Water Resources Dr. Hasan Al Janabi and his accompanying delegation
Mr. Hasan Karim al-Kaabi stressed the need to take “quick and practical” measures to end the crisis in the province of Basra, considering the water scarcity, stressing the importance of respecting the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and reassuring them to end their suffering that has lasted for years.
Al-Kaabi urged al-Janabi to stay with the specialists in Basra until the end of the crisis, stressing the need to conduct constructive dialogues with the Turkish side in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the Eliseo Dam.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office